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The Knights of Fix-A-Lot is the second Bob the Builder special.


Bob's father Robert makes a surprise welcome to Bob, Wendy and the gang to help Dr. Mountfinchett repair a castle when Robert pretends to be Bob the Builder and take all the glory. Will the castle be finished and will Bob and his Dad get along?



  • William Dufris as Bob The Builder, Farmer Pickles, Mr. Bentley, Mr. Beasley & Mr. Sabatini
  • Lorelei King as Wendy, Dizzy, Roley, Mrs. Potts, Mrs. Bentley, Mrs. Percival, Dr. Mountfitchet, The Librarian & Dorothy
  • Alan Marriott as Scoop, Spud & Mr. Ellis
  • Lachele Carl as Muck
  • Sonya Leite as Lofty
  • Maria Darling as Pilchard
  • Vincent Marzello as Robert


  • Neil Morrisey as Bob, Lofty, Farmer Pickles & Mr. Sabatini
  • Kate Harbour as Wendy, Dizzy, Pilchard, Mrs. Potts, Mrs. Bentley & Mrs. Percival
  • Rob Rackstraw as Scoop, Muck, Roley, Travis, Spud, Mr. Bentley, Mr. Beasley, & Mr. Ellis
  • Brenda Blethyn as Dr. Mountfitchet
  • Maggie Fox as The Librarian
  • Richard Briers as Robert
  • June Whitfield as Dorothy