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Backhoe Loader




Bob, Muck, Dizzy, Roley, Lofty, Wendy, Spud, Pilchard, Travis


Muck (sister), Dizzy (sister), Roley (brother), Lofty (brother)


Travis (father), Dr. Tatyana (mother)

Maternal Grandparents:

Queen Valentina (maternal grandmother)

Paternal Grandparents:

King Brad (paternal grandfather)


Nurse Federica (aunt)

Scoop is a backhoe loader, the leader of the machines, a brother of Dizzy, Roley, Muck, and Lofty, and a son of Travis & Dr. Tatyana.


Scoop is a yellow digger machine. He was the very first machine character designed by Keith Chapman, director of Chapman Entertainment and the originator of Fifi & the Flowertots and Roary the Racing Car. He is also one of the few characters to resemble a Real Life vehicle, The J.C.B 3CX Backhoe Digger.

Scoop's personality[]

Scoop is one of the most mature machines and is a good leader. Scoop's personality is notebably similar to Bob's in many ways. Scoop also looks up to Bob. He even occasionally asks "Can we fix it?". For some unknown reason delted section wikia are gonna ban me attitude in Snowed Under but changed back to his normal self in the end. Scoop is shown to have emotional side as shown in Snowed Under when he cried several times most of the reasons was being guilty but the last time he cried was in his dream when he got happy for winning a gold medal. He was Bob's first machine as shown in When Bob Became a Builder when Bob was picking out a backhoe behind a chain-link fence. Scoop was the one for Bob to pick out when kept following just to get his attention. He is shown to be faster than Travis as shown in Travis And Scoop's Race Day when Spud challenged them to race after he and Spud were teasing the can-do crew.


In 1998, Jolly Roger (Amusement Rides LTD) made him as a very old coin operated kiddie ride. On the very old version, he features 2 rectangle shaped buttons. The green one reads "START", which starts the ride, and a red button for sound effects and phrases. Also, there was an older version of him, but this time with circle shaped buttons. The sounds on Scoop are "Beep Beep!", "Meow"! (the sound of Pilchard), "Toot Toot!" and "Can we fix it? Yes we can!"

Fun Facts[]

  • Just like Muck, Scoop digs and shifts clean soil and carries buildig equipment.
  • Scoop is always or not needed more often in jobs than any other machines in the wolf pack.
  • Scoop was the first machine that Bob got.