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Bob, Wendy, Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Roley, Spud, Pilchard, Travis


Dizzy (sister), Roley (brother), Muck (sister), Scoop (brother), Travis (father), Dr. Tatyana (mother), Queen Valentina (maternal grandmother), King Brad (paternal grandfather), Nurse Federica (aunt)

Lofty is a blue crane that owned by Bob, with the encouragement of the team comes through in the end.

Lofty's personality[]

Lofty is timid, shy, and nervous. He is shown to have a rivalry with Spud. He also tends to studder. But he is kindhearted and friendly. He is probably the strongest among the Pack as he is a crane. Lofty often forgets how strong he is. He never causes trouble but doesmake some mistakes. He takes his work both seriouslyand reaxingly. Deep down inside he has a strict feeling (as shown in a couple of episodes).

Lofty's appearance[]

He's a blue crane and has a blue human-like mouth.

Fun Facts about Lofty[]

  • Lofty is a tall mobile crane with three favorite tools
  • UK: He is timid at first, but always rises to the occasion and holds up his end of the job.
  • Lofty fears heights, mice, loud noises and (formerly) Spud the scarecrow.
  • Lofty is somewhat careless but learns by his friends' wise words, by what adventures he does and how his previous attempt of a certain job is done
  • His memory apparantly is somewhat poor.
  • Even though Lofty is a crane he fears heights.
  • Lofty says "er" ("uh" in the US dub) everytime he talks and is usaully used once or twice per sentence.